Over 35 years of experience in metal processing

Let’s get aquainted, my name is Ain Palo. I am a member of the board of Aini Metallitooted Ltd and Aini Puit Ltd. Seven years ago me and my wife started our first family business. At the beginning, our company had only 80 m² of production space where me and a couple of employees filled the incoming orders. In 2013 the production began in our other company, Aini Puit Ltd. The companies now have 800 m² of production space.

Based on our extensive working experience, we can make just the right fence-gate-balcony railing-stairs-piece of furniture for Your house or establishment. Each order serves as a challenge, gives us more experience and enriches both parties. Our main goal is to have a great cooperation with our clients and carry solely positive energy towards You through our products.


  • 2015 - ... Manufacturing of carcasses for electric beds.

    Starting from 2015 we also manufacture carcasses for electric beds.
  • 2014 - ... various custom orders to Estonia, Sweden and Finland

    Filling different custom orders in present day: stair and balcony railings and furnishings for large kitchens
  • 16.03.2011 – The creation of Aini Puit Ltd

    In Aini Metallitooted Ltd we manufacture various metal frames and stems, onto which we attach the laminated wooden boards: trestles, tables and beds in varying heights.
    We manufacture wooden furniture carcasses to Finland in 24 different sizes.
  • 2010–2013 The building and reconstruction of waterworks stations

    • Up until the end of 2013 we built and reconstructed waterworks stations all over Estonia, welding stainless steel pipelines, with Skanska AS.
    • In 2010 we started manufacturing structural metal constructions.

  • 27.07.2009 – The start of Aini Metallitooted Ltd

    We started the production on the area of 80 m², manufacturing different metal constructions from black metal: fences, gates and balcony railings as well as one, two beam and spiral stairs and handrails. We also made various stainless steel kitchen furnishings: shelves, worktops, sinks, tables.

The start of Aini Metallitooted Ltd in 2009